DJ Moodie/Various- Construction Skillz

April 2nd, 2005

Just a glimpse of the track listings on the smart artwork gives a loud indication that this is an album jam packed with dope artists and tracks. The likes of Taskforce, Rodney P, Skinnyman, Skrein and Foreign Beggars get the taste buds sizzling, and the tracks they contribute satisfy the stomach’s hunger. There’s very few moments that call for a reach of the fast forward button, with both well known and less established vocalists all coming correct. Skinnyman contributes a freestyle track which doesn’t seem to be pre-written, which makes a change for the UK hip-hop scene. Taskforce drop ‘On Da Mixtape’ which has a heavy chorus and traditionally tight verses. Chester’s verse has a few lines similar to his verse on UK Allstars ‘Rapper Delight’. Each Skrein track (he appears on four or five separate occasions) is solid and wets the appetite for a solo album. The production on ‘Wicked and Wil’ (which was originally the better ‘Slags’ number), ‘Kings Cross @ 2 O’clock’ and ‘Battlefields’ by Wyt-Fang is decent. All the tracks run into each other nicely, thanks to DJ Moodie who proves his ability of producing, cutting and scratching with ease. It’s an appropriate album title, as it’s certainly constructive and builds a strong picture of the UK scene, and mainly it’s North London regions, as being strong and on great form. Lets hope there’s a volume two of this soon.