DJ Format- If You Can’t Join Em…Beat Em

April 2nd, 2005

Playing it safe, DJ Format demonstrates how appropriate his artist name is, following up his fantastic debut album by again featuring guest vocalists Abdominal and the Jurassic 5 members Carli 2na and Akhil. The first time round, the entertaining story telling of the awesome Abdominal, and the funky instrumentals made an impact, especially to those unfamiliar with the area of sound which Format spends his time in. On this effort, the initial wow factor isn’t as strong, but that’s not to take away from a solid and enjoyable album, of several highlights. Fellow Canadian rapper D-Sisive joins Abdominal on the catchy lead single ‘3 Feet Deep’ and the dope ‘Separated At Birth’. D-Sisive has an interesting voice, similar at times to that of Slick Rick. On ‘Participation Prerequisite’ and ‘Ugly Brothers’, we’re treated to typically great verses from Abdominal, leaving us all the more hungry for his solo album. The clarity in his vocals, which at the same time are impressive in terms of wordplay and flow is outstanding. It would be cool to see DJ Format offering UK artists a chance to rhyme on one of his productions, but then you’re not going to worry too much about guest appearances when you have Abdominal on your side already. Perhaps album number three could be a little less traditional, and more brave in terms of delivering a wider variety of vibes, but nether the less, the album won’t fail to satisfy anyone who enjoyed the first one, so why tamper…(with the format). It has to be noted that few, if any, producers in the UK are consistently making music of this nature, and it’s great to see a domestic guy offer the world similar product to which the Cut Chemist’s and DJ Nu-mark’s of the US contribute.