Pedigree Chumps- Eggs, Chips & A Pint Of Mild

March 23rd, 2005

The dope production on ‘Egg, Chips & A Pint Of Mild’ by Pedigree Chumps, slaps you in the face right away. After a decent intro which is criminally too short, things get started with ‘The 4 Fuckups’. Of a slightly eastern flute looping in the background, it’s a solid number with energetic vocals running through many decent lines including digs at Eurogang and Rick Waller amongst others. ‘Old Skool Old Fools’ see’s the lyrics focusing on yester year, and yet more on point analysis of situations including a nice remark on Def Jam. It’s sort of a homage to the artists from the golden era of hip-hop which the group are obviously fans of. ‘Got The Trots’ is a bouncy high tempo number with an Irish vibe at its jump off. Featuring Universon, all the verses are comical and of a story telling nature based around the morning after the night before. The number’s entertaining to the T and soaked in personality. ‘Bar Brawl’ begins with a theatrical intro coated in some nice scatching BY DJ Pressure. It’s a more battle orientated affair, hense its title, and all the verses come correct. ‘Wife Swap’ is mid tempo and begins with a quite jolly and bouncy vibe. It’s another humourous affair, based around the television show of the same name. A minute and a half in and we’re treated to a little remix of the Bad Boys theme from Cops. ‘Trollop Tales’ features Filthy Rich and Jnd. It begins quite atmospherically and sounds more and more impressive the more you focus on the production. It makes the way for the guys to rap through some tight verses about women. Check the track out if you’d like to hear the tale of Vanilla Ice in an Asda carpark, doing an impression of Stan Colimor dogging. Filthy Rich joins in on ‘Fat Cunt’, the final track of the consistently cool EP. It tackles obysity a lot more enjoyable than a Jamie Oliver series and has a chorus that needs to be chanted in the face of every porky bastard. All in all, this is a very enjoyable product. The comedy is great, but doesn’t once seem forced or contrived. All the vocalists have skill and back it up on every track. There’s not one below quality beat and play back value is looking good.

2 Responses to “Pedigree Chumps- Eggs, Chips & A Pint Of Mild”

  1. pressure Says:

    nice 1 mate

  2. Chris L Says:

    pedigree one of the best in the UK