Asher D

November 18th, 2007

Asher D

We grabbed a quick chat with Asher D to find out what projects he’s been working on, including a film produced by The Matrix makers and a new mix CD ‘The Appetizer’.

What’s up Asher, how’s life been treating you?

Life is treating me good right now! I’m alive. I’ve got an amazing family and a really good job. What more could I ask for?

What projects have you been working on of late?

Lately I have been very busy – a lot of film projects are completed for 2008, such as ‘Speed Racer’, directed by the Warchowski brothers, and ‘WAZ’ produced by Vertigo Films. The main thing I am pushing right now is the pre-album, released on the 12th of November entitled ‘The Appetizer’.

Tell us about ‘The Appertiser’ and the benefits of releasing a pre-album before the real thing.

‘The Appetizer’ is the entrée before I serve everyone the main course. The point is, if ‘The Appetizer’ can taste this good, what will the rest of the meal be like? Think about it! This is my re-entry into the underground scene. On this project, my overall concept involves re-establishing my presence as an MC.

What are some of the tracks we can look forward to hearing in terms of topics and producers?

As I said, the topics are generally about re-introducing my status and letting people know where I now stand in the game and my personal life. The CD is like my aura. I collaborated with producers such as Swindle, Terror Danger, Tru Tiger, Maniac, Low Deep as well as others.

What are your hopes for the pre-album and the actual LP in terms of sales and exposure?

My hopes are as follows; I always dream of selling more than top artists in the genre I am in but its hasn’t happened since I was part of a collective. I want my product to shift like everyone else’s but that’s not the be all and end all! I’ll be alright!

Are you going to be hitting the road to support the material with live dates?

At the moment nothing is set in stone. If anyone is interested, holla at AD82 Weezey.

What artists and producers do you roll with these days or are you a lone soldier when it comes to rap now?

I tend to do little rolling these days. Work and home have become my favourite places to hang out. No guest list needed there.

Asher D

Talk us through some UK artists that you’re enjoying the sounds of at the moment and why.

I suppose I’m still trying to decide. I believe Ghetto has a very bright future ahead of him and Devlin is on fire at the moment. As far as I’m concerned a lot of people are just huge gimmicks but have no real depth. The original artists stand out to me.

How do you find fitting in the music to your filming schedule?

Fitting music into my schedule is quite hard sometimes. There can be a lot of conflicting appointments at times but I have a great management team at AD82 Productions and we make miracles happen. Ask the general!

You penned a book a while back. Do you think you’ll be getting anything else published soon?

I don’t know about the author thing right now! Got a lot and my plate but I would hope to write something decent in the future and maybe get it published, or even scripted and filmed!

Music, film and literature. What other artistic outlets do you think you’ll be giving a go?

Who knows? And if you asked me 7 years ago if I would be doing what I’m doing today I would have had the same answer for you then. I have my own plan, but life doesn’t obide by my rules!

Have you got any shout outs or plugs to round this up with?

‘The Appetizer’ out since November 12th. Support the AD82weezey movement if you like the tracks. Hit up and stay tuned for more progress!

3 Responses to “Asher D”

  1. jimi handtrix Says:

    lame rapper, actor and interviewee…. stick to makin low budget films asha. underground?? the onlything underground is your stolen name.

  2. Holmes Says:

    hey this ur boy holmes.well personally i dont know asher D is on about by saying the original artist stand out to him.fuck that! the loudest in the room is the weakest so ASher D get ur humble hat on! .i love all ya trying…..

    Holmes is around Asher. get ur humble hat on….....

  3. Truth Speaker Says:

    mate, why oh why didnt you ask him about the humiliating battle against stig? Bad form.