Blaktrix- Strappado

February 21st, 2005

Gentle and relaxing sounds begin this ten track EP by Associated Minds artist Blaktrix. The intro is chilled, and features female vocals which create a sleepy and laid back vibe which rolls into ‘Ronin’, a violin driven number. Produced by Fracas, the feel good summery vibe is immense. ‘Nah Mean Redux’ is another quality produced track of a noisy loop which the MC raps over in his intriguing voice which isn’t easy to describe. It’s quite deep but also has a smooth aspect to it. However you’d characterise it, the lyrics are solid and always delivered well. The EP’s title track is less than a minute long affair, using echoed speech. Here, the artist economically describes the project, airing claims which are later justified such as ‘I take you to a great height’ and ‘It’s the ying and the yang, it’s all there’. ‘Indian Rope Trick’ features Humurak D Gritty and is produced by Phillifingers. It starts with some light guitar which is soon accompanied by a wobbling violin note. The guest MC catches the listeners attention well, sounding extremely like Tommy Evans at some points. ‘So Long’ begins very slowly, with lots of faint sounds of people laughing and phones ringing. The eventual verses are deep and charged with much personal content. There’s also some good one liners and punch lines along the way. It’s an intimate song in which its vocalist doesn’t hang around in talking intimately through the use of captivating story telling. ‘Out Of My Window’ is an interlude with a nice beat and sample produced by Fracas. It compliments the following track ‘Let It Out’ which is a stark contrast in energy and tempo. Blaktrix’s flow is dramatically faster on here than other tracks and snaps you out from the warm comfortable and sleepy vibe of before, into busy sounds. If I was up on the definitions of the one billion different hiphop genre spin off’s I’d be inclined to give this one of those labels, but I’m not up on that knowledge so wont. ‘This Guy I Know’ is another fine moment of story telling, this time exploring a character who finds a religious predicament. The beat is good, although sounds too loud in comparison to the rapping, which is a little faint. There’s only one verse and it would have been nice to hear more. The final track ‘Twenty Questions’ sticks with the conscious theme, beginning with the philosophical verbals ‘Did you think what the world would be like if it wern’t separated, just one big tribe?’. The EP as a whole is a worthy investment, containing beats by promising and very capable producers and an MC who can deliver intelligent and able vocals with ease.

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  1. ephedrine scott fitzgerald Says:

    check out the night and day video from blaktrix coming soon