English – Attack Of The Killer Loops

September 2nd, 2007

Besides from the great title here is the tight rapping and admirable inclusion of Grime artists alongside more traditional sides of UK rap. There’s a long tracklist so there’s inevitably a little filler from time to time, but the majority of the tunes have focus, with solid beats and well performed vocals.

English consistently sounds passionate about the job at hand, often projecting an energetic and interested voice as opposed to the monotony that many of his piers offer. Another gold star goes to the choice in subject matters, which aren’t any more or less relevent and interesting to the common man themes of your average Verb T tune, but are a whole heap more welcoming for the listener to relate to.

It’s great to see an MC move on from Jump Off battle fame and get a release out, and as debuts go, there’s hopefully lots more to come from this dude down the line.