MC Abdominal – Abdominal Workout

September 2nd, 2007

When DJ Format first made an impact on the UK Hiphop scene, much of the excitement was due to the few tracks featuring MC Abdominal and the live show which they toured the nation with for a considerable length of time. Abdominal’s flow and humour was refreshing in contrast to the typically stale UK Hiphop rap scene and so when he rapped about food and the common likes, it was lapped up in abundance.

For a while, everyone longed for Abdominal to drop a solo album, expecting it to be of the high quality that the very sparse material he had released promised. Now the time’s come, the long wait has dampened that anticipation considerably, and so the impact of this lead single is far from what the original excitement and energy felt like.

Whilst ‘Abdominal Workout’, the lead single to the debut solo album ‘Escape From The Pigeon Hole’ is enjoyable, it’s simply lacking any wow factor. DJ Format’s production is solid but nothing at all beyond what he’s been doing for the last three years. Then there’s Abdominal’s singing on the chorus which rather than capture the Jurassic 5 vibe it seems to try emulating, sounds pretty weak.

All in all, this could have sounded refreshing and relevant a few years back, but is now quite a tired format. Throwbacks to a breaks style of production and a comedic, character based narrative flex doesn’t fit into 2007’s equation for sustainable, relevant music.