Conspicuous- Dictionary Meaning Revisited

February 21st, 2005

After a humorous intro of someone getting fooled by an answer machine, we begin this EP with ‘What’s Next?!’ produced by Conspicuous himself. The beat is tight, built up with some nice piano keys and a jazzy loop. The verses instantly establish the vocalist as a quality MC, able to rhyme in manners that suit the sounds extremely well. The chorus is catchy and uses the suitable track title, making the number a good introduction and start off point to the release as a whole. ‘Wonderful Life’, again produced by Conspicuous who handles a lot of his own production, and containing cuts by DJ Skully, is an enjoyable track of a feel good nature, with verses that help listeners to reminisce about getting t-shirts signed on the last day of school and lots more. ‘The Spittage’ is a good ego based battle number, showcasing ability and confidence over a nice beat. ‘My Eyes Are Open’ features Tommy Evans, Usmaan, Shameless, Ophkea and Leevan Kif. Shameless impresses with a punchline about penetration and his personality drenched voice. ‘Therapy’ which guests Conscpicuous’s crew The Colony and is produced by Propaganda alongside ‘Listen’ and ‘Sweet Love’ further more establish the impression to the listener, that Conspicuous is very talented both behind and on the beat. On ‘Another Year’ the subject matter is the most relevant thing somebody could listen to in early January.

The rest of the EP are what accounts for the ‘revisited’ in the title, as the tracks didn’t originally feature on the original vinyl release. Shameless, Sir Smurf Little, Lil’ Big Man and DJ Skully provide a sequal to ‘Wonderful Life’, Reveal, Possessed, Tekneek and Bleu Cobane keep their eyes open, whilst Apollo remixes The Spittage and Evil ED touches up ‘My Eyes Are Open’. Excalibah remixes ‘Therapy’ whilst Ghost alters ‘Listen’.

Everything from the art work, to production, guest appearances, song concepts and the bonus tracks is on point, culminating in an extremely worthy release to invest your money in. With this release I fail to see how the name Conspicuous can’t be cemented into people’s radars. Unless that is, they have as much trouble as me in spelling it.