LDZ – Living Long Ting

August 27th, 2007

Produced by Sumgreen and Big Dabbla, the production throughout this large 19 track debut album is tops. There’s tons of great samples and grooves which provide a lot of diversity and the rapping throughout’s solid. Cringe worthy Borat impressions aside, all the MC’s involved seem to know what they’re doing. There’s lots of energy and therefore makes the CD well worth having at hand if you’ve got a group of UK rap loving toe rags up at your door. Whilst there’s a question mark over the Grime mocking ‘Lips 2 Da Floor’ (UK rappers would commit suicide if Wiley ripped into them), tracks such as the comical ‘Sex On A First Date’ bring the entertainment. There’s nothing too deep in regards to subject choice amongst these tunes, but there’s lots of flavour and personality, with a strong Dented Records vibe weaved all the way through. This is out now in all poor stores.