DJ IQ – Live! From The Sofa

August 27th, 2007

IQ’s work ethic is pretty bloody impressive and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. A quick follow up to his debut LP ‘Brainfood’, this one’s another enjoyable listen, featuring lots of big guest appearances by names such as Jehst, Kyza, Foreign Beggars and TB. IQ handles the majority of the production and shows his beat making skills are most certainly solid. There’s a variety of moods on offer, from the summer vibes of Dubbledge’s strong vocals to the claps driven tune by the increasingly impressive TB. What’s special about IQ is that at just 21, he’s already way up there on the league table of UK Hiphop talent and looks to have some special things planned down the line. He’s great on the decks as a live entity, can hold his own on the boards and has all the industry ties. Fingers crossed he doesn’t fall into the trap of delivering the same thing twice and changes things up next time round – after all, he’s a DJ Qbert fan.