Prem C- 5 Senses Of Def

February 3rd, 2005

5 Senses of Def by Prem-c, is a 12” jammed with six energetic and solid numbers, all produced by Dag Nabbit of Foreign Beggars. Out on Undali Records, it’s another great release which will easily satisfy any fans of the previous material by the artists involved on this. Things start off with the intro that features Sonic Boom The Instigator. Over a chilled piano based beat, laced with scratches, the computer generated voice instructs listeners to ‘smoke that shit bredrin’ and claims ‘hiphop is taking over the world’. Then its onto the serious stuff, with the first track ‘Spit Blood on the Moon’. Featuring Loki, Thre and Orifice Vulgatron, its a cool number which begins with loud chanting of the title. Each verse is tight, with all MC’s sounding energetic and expressing personality. ‘Bring It Back (Push it Forward)’ is a less busy track, but the beat is great, using strings and a simple drum pattern. The hook is a little basic but the rapping is good, showcasing glimpses of decent wordplay and lyricism. ‘Locked in a Padded Cell and Left Alone’ is my personal highlight as the lyrics are of a story telling nature which grips the attention and the production is a mixture of light sounds which stutter, on top of a headnodding beat. ‘Rosebud’ impressively samples from the great film Citizen Kane, before the laid back vocals kick in, accompanied by a track which has a really cool high pitched noise creating the melody. The lyrics are jammed with tons of things for the mind to keep up with, and playback value is high. ‘Even a blind man without a cain can see your rhymes are lame’. The final track, ‘Catch My Javelin Pt. 1’ features Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis. The tempo is higher than other tracks and its the biggest headnodding moment of the 12. All the verses are entertaining, containing moments of humour which are all the better for the character which comes through each vocal style. This is a great release to pick up, and another example of the consistency which this collection of affiliated artists run with each time round.