L.Man- New Age Army

July 8th, 2007

Out on Lovedough Recordings, ‘New Age Army’ is yet another mix CD by L.Man which showcases his sometimes great and other times rather loose talents. His voice’s tone and flow is at points fantastic, and othertimes a little boring or lacking focus. The worst point of this latest outting is the ‘L.Man Vs Eminem’ track where L rhymes over an Eminem beat. This follows a discussion about comparisons made between the two, and concludes that they need to stop because they’re utterly unfounded. Highlights include a guest verse by Skinnyman and a few Grime MC’s here and there such as Tinchy Stryder and Bashy. For the most part, there’s not much to write home about – which is a shame because there could be. Our advice would be for L. Man to focus on rhyming more as his voice doesn’t suit Mike Skinner style loose rhyming. We’d also suggest that he now put out a solid, structured album which more attention on sequencing and production.