DJ Excalibah- The Ex Files: Document 1

February 13th, 2005

Sound bites from the likes of Masta Ace, Mystro, Chuck D, Talib Kweli and many more, begin the 22 track mix CD ‘The Ex Files: Document 1’ mixed by the top 1xtra DJ, Excalibah. The high tempo ‘Bring You Closer’ by Shameless which Ex produced, sets things rolling and is followed by a ton of tracks contributed by both heavy weights in domestic hiphop as well as some up and coming talent. Top tunes present include ‘Get Your Shit Together’ by Jehst and Asaviour, ‘Diggers Don’t Get Days Off’ by Dirty Diggers and ‘Day to Day Basis’ by Skinnyman. Scattered throughout the hour long CD are also some great dub states, taken from Excalibah’s ‘Tales From The Legend’ radio show, where the MC freestyles over an American beat. These feature the likes of the great Cappo, Rodney P, Ricochet Klashnekoff and Lewis Parker. As I jump at the chance to talk about uk hip-hop with anyone I come across, I’m often asked of recommendations of releases people could pick up for a taste of the flava which the UK has to offer. It’s products like this which I’m most inclined to name drop. There’s a variety of production vibes, lyrical approaches and artist personalities on here. A CD conducted by the host of a radio show which many have come to rely upon and trust as a source of the latest hot UK rap music was always going to be the ish. Roll on Document 2.