Dizzee Rascal- Maths And English

June 9th, 2007

Dizzee’s long awaited third album kicks of with ‘World Outside’, a nice and reflective introduction which makes the first few beats of ‘Pussyhole’ sound incredibly powerful. ‘Sirens’ is the lead single and uses the most incredible guitars and drums heard on a hiphop track in a long time. The song seems to keeping going on and on, upping the energy with each segment and culminating in something remarkably loud and very memorable. ‘Where’s Da G’s’ features UGK and is another impressive Cage beat. Dizzee’s flow is simple yet addictive on the ear, lacing the deep synth and traditional Grime drum patterns with ease.

‘Paranoid’ is one of several tracks detailing the range in Dizzee’s choice of subject matter. Showing his diversity goes beyond the typical rap bravardo, Dizzee talks through paranoid thought processes over music by Newham General’s Footsie. One to definately silence those that thought Dizzee was all glossy these days, this track could easily fit into any previous release he’s made. ‘Suck My Dick’ is a light hearted moment on the LP, with Dizzee altering his typical vocal style with a comedic lean, unlike his trademark sound which returns on ‘Flex’, a dance orientated tune with a great summer vibe.

Featuring production by Shy FX, ‘Da Feelin’ shows Dizzee trying something new again. The Drum n Bass beat is slightly obvious and generic but the track’s still tight, designed perfectly for this year’s impending festivals and drives in the sun. ‘Bubbles’ has an entertaining beat which is at the heart Grime, but with some class and gloss which few other rappers in the scene would have the intentions or patience to cook up. ‘Excluse Me Please’ delivers a fantastic bass line which accompanies some of Dizzee’s most socially conscious lyrics to date. Religion, war and corruption are just a few of the themes touched upon in simple yet potent verses.

In ‘Hard Back Industry’, Dizzee’s in reflective mode again, voicing his experiences in the music game dating back to DJing before he ever picked up a microhone, to the present day. With a wise twist to his lyrics, it’s easy to forget he’s just 22 and has already done more for UK rap music with three albums, than some 45 year olds have done with one. ‘Temptation’ samples from his collaborative track with the Arctic Monkeys, providing another angle to the LP’s big offering, whilst ‘Wanna Be’ stands as Lilly Allens greatest ever work to date. ‘U Can’t Tell Me Nuffin’ completes the journey with the Grime taste that Dizzee launched all those years ago, and continues to develop and push all by himself.

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