Sway- One For The Journey

May 6th, 2007

With all the press push in the world, Sway’s debut album ‘This Is My Demo’ didn’t reach anywhere near the levels that people had hoped or expected. Never the less, he returns this summer with it’s follow up LP. In the meantime, fans can try getting their teeth into ‘One For The Journey’, a seven track EP to bridge the gap between long players. Is it any good? Yes, if you enjoyed previous efforts.

Of that familiar quick and breathy flow people are now used to, Sway kicks off with ‘True Stories’, a song with lyrical and production quality which equals the best of UK Hiphop circles but lacks the exciting energy and British vibes of Grime. ‘Move Back’ is more of the same, featuring Chiefer over a fairly futuristic beat whilst ‘Baby Father’ provides a scenario the broadsheet critics would refer to when exploring Sway’s apparent, yet quite non existent, ‘unique sense of humour’.

Things move along, or try to, with ‘Up Your Speed Part 2’ featuring Chammillionaire. It’s a credit to have attracted the involvement of such a swag international rapper but very unfortunate to be another attempt at a song which has appeared far too many times on record, be it Sway’s mix CDs leading up to the first album, or the debut collection itself.

‘Ex Boyfriend’ sadly has really airy synth sounds throughout it’s beat although the vocals are enjoyable. ‘Every Man (For Himself)’ benefits from the involvement of the great Mr. Hudson and ‘Get ‘Em High’ featuring Stanton Warriors ends the journey – which is more of a traffic jam sit through than a fast lane takeover…

Ultimately, as good as Sway is on paper, the potential never seems to realise itself on record. Sure, the beats are solid, the rhymes tight and the heart in the right place, but far too often you’re left feeling a little short changed. Should he carry on like this, his private investors will most likely start feeling the same too, and he’ll perhaps step it up with a less media friendly outting.