W.O.R.D- Word Association

January 26th, 2005

This collection of eleven tracks is a solid introduction to the Bristol based duo W.O.R.D, comprised of Merlin Silver, who produces, and Rick Hazard. I’m assuming that there wasn’t much of a budget in terms of production although the limited resources available have been used well, with the demo containing quite a few different atmospheres and sounds. There’s bouncy fun stuff like the Intro, jazzy piano beats on the catchy W.O.R.D which contains some nice guitars in the background and The Mash Up, a synthesized instrumental which gets more and more intense. ‘Stick By Me’ is a head nodding reggae affair using a great sample, over which the vocalists rap in a simple and basic, but extremely listenable and enjoyable style. There’s echo’s of an Aspects vibe, perhaps more so because of the accent than anything else. Lyrics focus on delivering a message concisely and directly, rather than going all out to impress with intricate word patterns and usage. Subject matters range from commentary of society to tales of girls and the history of the duo themselves. It would be interesting to hear some more, as the demo is evident that they work well together and have a capable creative streak. Nothing on here is boring, with the variety of beats and vocal topics varied enough to sustain the listeners attention.