Mr Ti2bs- Nobody’s Perect

April 29th, 2007

Following up three singles, North London’s Mr Ti2bs finally drops his debut album through Kemet Entertainment. Featuring production from Baby J, First Man Productions, Joe Budha and others, its perhaps one of traditional UK Hiphop’s more interesting releases over the past few months, including the exciting Keep It Moving, loud ‘No Need TO be Extra’ and deep ‘Charity’. ‘Just A Reminder’ is incredible, for sampling Muhammad Ali alone, and ‘Living Just To Die’ is quite easily one of the more creative, thought provoking and artistic tunes the UK’s small pocket of rap music has produced of late. Ending in style, ‘Remember Me’ samples the late and great Nina Simone, and should an individual only ever listen to UK Hiphop, the title would ring through and Ti2bs most certainly would dominate one’s memory.