Evidence- The Weatherman LP

April 29th, 2007

Long term Dilated People MC Evidence goes it alone with this debut solo album on All City Music, a big collection of tracks featuring production by The Alchemist and guest spots from Planet Asia, Rakaa Iriscience, Slug and many more.

Anyone who’s enjoyed the group efforts of Dilated Peoples is sure to enjoy this CD a lot, with Evidence laying down his trademark style over head nodding beats ranging from the laid back opener ‘I know’ to the synth jungle of lead single ‘Mr. Slow Flow’ and the reflective ‘Chase The Clouds Away’. The lyrics on this jam are serious, providing a simple yet moving story of optimism.

Sadly, by the three quarters point of the LP, people not already fans are likely to find their interest dropping off, as Evidence brings it well on the writing tip every time, but fails to vary his consistently sleepy flow. However, Evidence supporters will find lots to get their teeth into, from the strong underground vibes of the beats to that familiar tone and flow.

One Response to “Evidence- The Weatherman LP”

  1. mastaash Says:

    If you didn’t come close to shitting yourself by the beginning of the beat on the fourth track (“Letyourselfgo (feat. The Alchemist & Phonte)”, I think you completly missed the point of this album. Evidence is showcasing what immaculate production with meaningful lyrics can do for hip hop when it is done well. I can not think of a better album this year that is both a complete banger and makes you dig deep into your soul at the same time and come out feeling on top. “Chase The Clouds Away” puts a ear to ear grin on my face every time I hear it, this album just has a positive and motivational vibe to it. Im claiming album of the year, eventually it will be a classic…mark my words.