Hitting Nails On Their Heads

April 24th, 2007

So here’s the story. T4 turned up at a typical UK Hiphop event and recorded some footage. They sliced it up and made some sarcy remarks over the treatment. Up wakes 150 – 200 sensitive UK Hiphop fans. They’re disgusted, they’re appalled, they’re complaining. Press play to see what all the fuss is about, if there’s any at all, and check our own verdict:

1. Look at yourselves. What do you expect?
2. Since when has a joke killed anyone?
3. It was broadcasted on T4. Nobody cares!
4. At least it’s something for you to protest.
5. Save your breath.

22 Responses to “Hitting Nails On Their Heads”

  1. beenhere Says:

    This is just the media though, they’re hitting nails into hiphop’s coffin. You saying look at yourselves what are you assuming we will see. I don’t dress in the typical way or whatever, never worn a baseball cap, never buck buck to the sky. Don’t care what you say, fuck T4, although this may be just a piss take and pretty stupid. It is part of the wider cultural and political socialisation which people are bombarded with by most mass media. I wrote off all hiphop and rap until I was on the off chance exposed to conscious and clever hiphop. I was there in that mindstate of media induced ignorance once, it is the music industry and television that does it. I just don’t like the idea of people seeing this image of hiphop or any music, it’s not fair, and it does have an impact. Congratulations you’ve developed a new controversial analysis on this. You have jumped to the opposite end of the spectrum to most of the views exprerssed on UKHH. Maybe that’s why no one wants to express views in your baron little forum. Sorry, you have taken a sledge hammer and missed the nail entirely.

  2. Tee Says:

    Trust me, I’m not trying to be controversial at all. For starters, this is so painfully mundaine, which I guess is my point.

    For the fact alone that certain people are so up in arms about the footage, which fundamentally is extremely obviously a piss take, it is well deserved.

    It’s light hearted and amusing, and clearly never intended to have been a substantial analysis of a ‘culture’ and ‘scene’, so emotional and sensitive that it doesn’t bare thinking about.

    PS. There is no forum here. There is a regular feed of relevant information. Secondly, UKHH haven’t spoken about this awfully trivial T4 issue. Its sheep have merely barr’d. X

  3. AK Says:


  4. Mac Says:

    It’s not even funny. :/ The fact that they went to 2 UKHH nights and still only managed to get a heavily edited 2mins30 of suitable footage with the Welsh eejit talking over most of it says alot. The quality of the snippet suggests they weren’t exactly overrun with “hilarious footage of stupid UKHH heads” either. I don’t think they even had one full sentance in the whole clip, they had to edit each one short to make the interviewee seem in someway stupid.

    Speakers Corner and The Freestyle Trials are two of the best UKHH nights out, no shitty T4 clip will change that.

    Having said all that, I don’t care enough to complain to C4.

  5. jimi handtrix Says:

    a lot of UK hip hop fans are suburban residing, middleclass titts tryin to buy into something that is priceless (in my eyes). a lot “mans” are using hip hop as a fashion accessory.

    its a culture and an art which by all means is open to any criticism from any media player.

    these bitches on ukhh are actin like someones just dissed ya new t-shirt or stood on ya air force ones.

    Southern al dente fools. learn to take a joke

  6. simon Says:

    na that sproper funny. that video aint representative of the actual proffessional hip hop or grime scenes at all. the videos full of amateur 30 somethings working in post offices and shit like that. There all wannabees in the video so really the jokes on t4 because their taking the piss out of people who are practically taking the piss out of themselves albeit without knowing it. Put roots manuva, jehst, rodney p, kano and akala from the hip hop scene and JME, Skepta, Wiley, Trim and dizzee from grime in a room with some pisstaking smartarse t4 rep and see if they find something to take the piss out of then.

  7. Stavros Says:

    The piece on T4 was fine. It’s no big deal. Most people invoved in the scene probably also think its fine. It’s only 20 odd people chucking their toys. Don’t let a small group of young forum bloggers inform / taint your opinion of everyone involved in the music.

    T4 are irreverent about everything.

    I thought Kope came across both sincere and funny.

    It’s not news really.

  8. Tego Says:

    Oh shit…. that was fucking hilarious! Why does EVERYBODY always want to rap for you if they think you’re important? STOP SPITTING ON ME! I DON’T CARE! HAHAHAH. That shit is funny as fuck.

    If you’re mad; you’re mad because it’s true. If you’re laughing; you’re laughing because it’s true….

  9. theo Says:

    I’m just dissapointed that all thease poncy media music people just hark on about how something is and what it represents rather than just bloody showing some of the uk’s top showmen like chester p and stig at work. If i had my way i’d just put all the best underground music live set’s on the telly and not just give the same songs air play all the time. Also the spotty youth that comes across pritty kak on that clip actully has some good songs i’ve seen him live a few times and his ep is well funny if your reading this teej i’m still your fan.

  10. Tee Says:

    UK Hiphop isn’t good enough to be taken seriously by T4. Fact. Do you think their target audience would give a flying fuck about some Prince William wannabe’s rapping about their Giro and Spliff?

  11. Tego Says:

    Why the hell would anybody want to see the best UK underground hip-hop on TV? I mean… realistically. Do “UKHH” fans know they’re fans of a stagnant scene? and that despite all the hash-induced hallucinations of Taskforce on Top Of The Pops, this will never, ever, ever, ever happen? That the people who actually buy the records don’t want to hear you bitch about your giro and how much a single cigarette costs? While being ugly… and a hermit… and over shit beats? WITH LIP HERPES?

    What the fuck was up with the lip herpes? You’d have to be some kind of desperate for coverage if you get a camera thrust in your face and you’re not like “Naaahhhh I have lip herpes… maybe next time!” He styled on ‘em. It has to be said. “Fuck my herpes! T4 wants freestyles! Ooh baby!”

  12. theo Says:

    who’s being a prince william wannabe? I disagree I’ve seen a lot of shows of many different types of music and uk hiphop is real entertaining i would love to see more on tv, it silly to describe a art form as not good enough art is subjective one mans good is another mans kak.

  13. Snuff Says:

    possitive steps Tony

    1. Look at yourselves. What do you expect? VARIETY
    2. Since when has a joke killed anyone? TOMMY COOPER
    3. It was broadcasted on T4. Nobody cares! TRUE (WELL ALMOST)
    4. At least it’s something for you to protest. ? UM OKAY

    As for your views on UKHH Tony. That is obvously your opinion, Thanks for re-engaging the arguement.

    My personnal view on the state of UKHH (as music & art not as industry) is that we are on our grind, theres some mad energy out here, the standard of artist are at an all time high and continueing to develop based on the inspiration each artist is offering each other. we all smiles, its folk music, its joke music, it carrys with it a spirit individual to each artist that reps for it.
    I appreciate UKHH along with many genres and cross genres as cosisting of the good and bad. If you can only see one and not the other then maybe eyes are not so wide or the heart may not be engaged. Or ofcourse it may just be a matter of tatse, if so cool, move to the states lol


    speakerscorner fam 1

  14. Stavros Says:

    Bruv, You’ve got personal issues with your own perception of a scene that barely exists anyways…. What / Who are you angry at… move on, be happy. You seem to have a hightened perception of a particular post-jehstian phase of ukhh… its over… you won… relax.

  15. Tee Says:

    Great way to side step the discussion. Snuffed it!

  16. Tego Says:

    If this was about emo kids, nu rave kids or Grime fans you’d all be shitting yourselves with laughter. Neither Emo Kids, nor Nu Rave kids, nor Grime fans would have ever given a fuck.

  17. ? Says:

    It’s nothing, just some dickhead taking the piss out of something he doesn’t understand or he/she has pretences of why not to acknowledge the fact that it is an artform,which in the bigger scheme of things is worse for them because they obviously lack the skill of being open minded. Also i believe that underground is a term for talent that can’t be marketed and manipulated in the mainstream and personally i don’t want that to happen to u.k hip hop in general.

  18. Tego Says:

    Hahaha ^ you’re wrong.

  19. Syanyde Says:

    nobody’s crying over here, the media does what the media does
    it’s disappointing yeh but none of us have our eyes closed to it, if peeps find it funny then cool I don’t really feel a way over it

    snide comments about protests aside u came speakers before & bigged us up to our faces so ya attempts to take shots are comedy, NEVER in ya life would u say this kinda shit away from the internet
    anybody that’s ever met u will say the same
    I see a bright future on fox news for ya anyway
    in a bit mate

  20. Tee Says:

    The very nature of your post and the online petitions certain people have made say nothing more to me than crying eyes, and for your information, I have never, and will never, attend a Speakers Corner event because of the waste which this video pokes fun at, which I’ve been more than aware of for over a year.

  21. Syanyde Says:

    yeh that’s prolly a good idea
    I suggest ya don’t

  22. syyykke Says:

    I don’t see what the big fuss is about, it’s not somthing you can get angry at. So some prick from a weekend show that noone barley watches tried to take the piss, granted it’s not even funny. Does anybody care about his opinnion or anyones on that dross of a show.