Various- The Sickness

January 24th, 2005

The Sickness mix tape, out on Silent Soundz and put together by DJ Defikew, is a classy and balanced release, showcasing a wealth of talented up and coming UK artists as well as some more familiar and established names. Across 29 tracks, the listener is offered a wide range of production vibes and lyrical angles, culminating in a completed CD which is likely to be loved by many. The likes of Mystro, who sounds slightly different on here for some reason, Yungun, Lowkey, Verb T, Killa Kella and Kyza contribute solid tracks, some of which we’ve already come to love for some time. Lesser known names like C.Mont’s, Truth, Twisted Link, Deep Rooted and many more provide enjoyable efforts, all of which show a lot of promise and have very little to fault. One of the tightest US underground rappers, Wordsworth, show’s up on ’ Alley Rap’ with fellow countrymen Rusty Chains and Verbal Kent whilst Ghostface Killah and Cormega appear in the form of a ‘Tony Montana’ remix. All of the production is heavy, with the awesome Harry Love and Mr Thing controlling the boards on a track each. The Sivey produced song ‘Lies’ by Lowkey from volume 2 of his Key To The Game series uses a fantastic Nina Simone sample for its chorus. Each track smoothly glides into the next, representative of the attention to detail and hard work which is evident to have been put in. Everything down to the ill (check the pun!) artwork is of a classy affair. Here’s hoping that there’s a volume 2 on the horizon, as I’ve not come across a more consistent UK compilation yet.