The Rapnews Radar

April 14th, 2007

We at Rapnews never like to boast about how great we are… Well, okay we do. But you must agree by now, that we’ve got quite a good track record in featuring artists, groups and scenes which have soon gone on to do great things after gracing our pages.

To name but a few, there’s been our prediction that Example would be signed by Mike Skinner. It happened, not to mention our support and coverage of Dubstep, Gym Class Heroes and Kids In The Hallz, all now with the international music press licking their bottoms. So who’s next? Keep your eyes pealed as we begin to showcase the unsigned, up and coming acts destined for great things.

If you’ve got a suggestion, or feel you fall into this bracket, E-mail us or message us via Myspace with ‘Rapnews Radar’ in the subject line. We’ll check you out and consider whether you’re talking poo poo or might be on to something. And please – be serious with yourself. You may have recorded a track in your toilet, and you might think it’s great, but it’s probably not. Unless you can honestly say you’re next level, give our inbox some air!

4 Responses to “The Rapnews Radar”

  1. jam Says:

    Won’t bring him fame, but I think Chester P’s album is going to be really strong. He’s been building to something, went really quiet last year, has been challenged by another MC. His first solo album, will be big. Shame no one at MOBOs or anywhere will have a clue about it.

  2. Amos Says:

    I think Kaspa Troy from the Mancan Crew is one of the best lyricists i’ve heard recently. Everything hes done so far is off the hook and with DJ IQ behind him, he’ll be one to watch. DEFO

  3. Stavros Says:


    Kid Acne’s LEX debut?


  4. Stavros Says:

    Oh yeah:

    Jid Sames and his uber-dope producer Bumblebee