Wiley- 50/50 / Bow E3

March 31st, 2007

Wiley’s now signed to Big Dada and seems to be putting in one last big push on the studio album front. This is the first single from that push, and it sounds like the man who invented Grime all by himself is on track to get the critical and commercial success which has perhaps eluded him throughout his Roll Deep and Tunnel Vision days. Both ‘50/50’ and ‘Bow E3’ are enjoyable tracks with satisfying energy and flow. Wiley drops bars which are easy and interesting to follow, and nice on the ear. The self produced beats are Grime in the truest sense, but with an added touch of professionalism.

3 Responses to “Wiley- 50/50 / Bow E3”

  1. Bigdada Says:

    You can preorder the new Wiley single ‘Bow E3 and 50/50’ on your mobile for only £1.50 by texting wiley single to 82822. By preordering you will get it cheaper then buying it when it’s released and your tracks will be ready for you to download on the 14th May. Don’t forget also that Wiley’s new album Playtime is over is out on the 4th June.

  2. just so u should know Says:

    Wiley did not produce Bow E3… Maniac produced that track and its sick

  3. S.Dot.Shyz Says:

    jus bored in skl stl n fote il drop a comment 4 wiley..
    ez doin it BIG stll
    keep doin wha ur doin yh cuz ur gna go places
    blesssizzlee:p x