Wretch 32- Teacher’s Training Day

March 25th, 2007

You could be mistaken for thinking that ‘Teacher’s Training Day’ is an album as opposed to a new mix CD by Wretch 32. Why? Because the quality is pretty damm good. The production from start to finish is strong, each track is a well developed piece of work and there’s something for everyone. From insightful tracks of introspection to typical Grime bravardo and reflective, mature concepts, Wretch 32 clearly comes across here as a well rounded, capable artist. Highlight tracks include the well written ‘Set Him Up’, ‘This Road Life’ and ‘Fed Up Of Grinding’, whilst the majority of tracks all sustain a particular idea or story tale in strong fashion. Guests include Ghetto, Scorcher, Bashy and many more. Go pick this up. It’s one of the few worthy mix CD’s in Grime around right now.

One Response to “Wretch 32- Teacher’s Training Day”

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