Bashy- The Chupa Chups Mixtape

March 25th, 2007

After a very long break, Bashy’s finally back with the follow up to his popular debut CD ‘Your Mum Vol.1’, but was it worth the wait? Well, kinda. There’s entertaining verses, a nice selection of beats and some enjoyable concepts. The only trouble is, hosted by Masterstepz across twenty-nine tracks, it drags quite a bit. One thing that it has got going for it is the amount of tunes that are actually about something. There’s very little focus on typical aggressive grime attitude, and a lot more concentration on writing around a sustained idea. Guests include Scorcher, Big Narstie, Wretch 32 and Loick, whilst DaVinche, Low Deep and others contribute beats. The Chupa Chups theme is quite sweet, and it’s good to hear Bashy actually back on the mic. The real test now is how long it’ll take him to release something else, and if he’ll be brave enough to make that a full album.