Demon Boyz- Recognition

March 18th, 2007

Being re-released through Suspect Packages, this one’s for the UK hiphop nerds and old timers out there. Originally released on ‘Music Of Life’ back in 1989, this is another chance to hear what is one of the benchmark groups and tracks of rap created by the UK. Mike J, Demon D and DJ Devastate can be heard here throughout 13 tracks, including four tracks that wern’t on the original release. The only shame is that Asher D’s included on ‘Grand Finale’. If you’re gonna finish off an album by mashing the new with old, choose someone truley representative of 2007 standards…

One Response to “Demon Boyz- Recognition”

  1. claw Says:

    Ref: Asher D

    It’s Asher D from Asher D & Daddy Freddy (old skool ragga duo), not Asher from So Solid!!