March 13th, 2007


The film crazy Dubstep producer tells us about his releases, material on it’s way, the equipment he uses, the scene, playing live and more. Check ‘For The Kids’ now. It’s neckle!

First up, introduce yourself to the readers.

My name is Jim and I live on a boat with Rosie.

How did you come up with the name and how long have you been making music?

The film ‘Kids’ is one of my favourite films of all time and I liked the character Caspa. I’ve been making music as Caspa for about 2 years now.

What first got you into producing and what were some of your first influences?

I just wanted to make my own music with my influences, which I get from everyday life and British culture.

Tell us about the equipment you started out with.

I use Reason on a PC. That’s what I have always used.

Have you always been making Dubstep type music?

Made a bit of Gabba and scouse house recently.

Run us by the tunes you’ve put out so far.

Had a couple releases on Dub Police, one on Tempa, one on Sound Proof and got a double coming out on Sub Soldiers. Don’t have a favourite. I like all my releases so far.

DP003 — For The Kids / Jeffery & Bungle / Cockney Flute
DP006 — Cockney Violin / Dub Warz
SP003 — Bring The Lights Down RMX
TEMPA 021 — Dubstep All-stars Vol 3 — Rubber Chicken
SUBSOL 001 — Big Headed Slags / Tribal Basher/ Custard Chucker/ Velvet Rooms

Where did you get the idea to use the Willy Wonker sample from?

I think that film is proper dark and twisted in its own way, especially that sample. Always wanted to use it so I did.

Are you big into films and what movies would you like to take from next?

I love watching films, especially British ones. I got loads and loads of samples on my hard drive that are waiting to be used. My next sample will be from ‘Debbie Does Dallas’.

What material are you working on at the minute?

Just finished some remixes recently. N-types ‘Way Of The Dub’, and the other’s ‘Bushido’. Also working on a remix for Matty G, ‘West Coast Rocks’. It’s sounding nice and one of my favourites at the moment. The N-Type and the other remix will drop on Dub Police sometime this year.

What can fans expect from the new stuff?

Dunno really… I just write whatever I feel. Some times I sit down and write tunes like ‘Rubber Chicken’ and the next day I’ll write a tune like ‘Velvet Rooms’. Just expect Caspa beats and bass.


What label’s your stuff coming out on?

All my beats will be coming out on Dub Police and Sub Soldiers. They’re my foundation labels to put beats out on. I will write some tunes for other labels but they will have to fit in with what I’m doing. I don’t wanna be a label slag!

You were on the decks at FWD a few weeks ago. How did you enjoy that?

Yeah, FWD was good. Here are my next events:

April 7th — Sub Dub, Leeds
May 3rd — Dub Police Take Over, Brighton
May 11th — Wig Flex, Nottingham
June 8th — Kontakt, Leicester
July 6th – TBA, Glasgow

The Dub Police takeover in Brighton is gonna be large. Room 1 is Caspa, N-Type, Rusko, The Others. Room 2 is Hijack, Reso, Silky & Quest, Urban Collective. Mc’s Crazy D and Pokes. Myspace/caspadubstep for more info on that!

Do you prefer spinning to a live audience or locking yourself away to make new beats?

I like doing both really, although I do wanna get more time in studio. Just been too busy.

Being in such a loud environment for a living, are you ever worried you’re gonna go deaf?

Yea of course! I got some £200 ear plugs that were made just for my ears. I think everyone should invest in a pair otherwise you’re gonna go mutton by the time you’re 30!

How do you rate the current standard of Dubstep?

I think the scene is moving really well and everyone seems to be doing big things. 90% of the sound is well produced and engineered. Dubstep is gonna be global in the next couple of years. 2007 is gonna be the biggest year by far!

Who are some of your favourite producers and records right now?

Rusko, The Others, L-wiz. Matty G, Skream. They’re all doing big tunes. My favourite records would have to be:

Rusko – Acton Dread Dub Police promo
Caspa — Tribal Basher — Sub Soldiers Promo
The Others — Africa — Dub Police Promo
Skreamz — Chest Boxing — Tempa Promo
Quiet Storm — Tribute 10 — Storming Promo

How do you feel about the media suddenly jumping onboard?

It’s gonna happen no matter how much people like or dislike it. When something is big and exciting, ofcourse the media are gonna want to know and get involved. That’s what they do! What I don’t like is media journalists talking complete bollocks or licking shit holes! Rather than go and find out about the scene they will write what they may have heard or read from other sources! Fucking minges.

What do you make of NME and Indy music’s potential invasion of ‘Indy step’?

What the fuck is Indystep… Are you winding me up? I’ll take that question as a joke!

Would you like to see more vocalists in Dubstep?

Yeah, ofcourse. I think a dash of vocals will help it expand a bit more… I wanna write some tunes with vocalists. Would like to work with Riko from Roll Deep. He’s got some militant vocals!

How can heads keep up with your doings? Everything that will be happening with Caspa will be on there!

Do ya have any shout out’s?

Watch out for the Caspa Double pack ‘Ave It’ on Sub Soldiers in April. Also, The Others EP and Rusko 12” on Dub Poilce in March/April. Out to my west enders!

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