Aspects- Rock Rap

January 10th, 2005

The Rockrap mix CD from the awfully under appreciated Aspects is an action packed hour of lots of heavy guitars, beat boxing, female soul vocals, remixes of album tracks from ‘Mystery Theatre’, funky and entertaining scratched interludes, guest appearances from the likes of DJ Format, rock mash up’s including the group’s vocals over the Jay Z track ‘99 Problems’ and tons tons more. It’s a showcase of the groups interesting in not staying confined to hip-hop circles and also their ability to dabble in music that isn’t straight forwardly rap. Obviously, this isn’t going to suit all listeners, especially those who’s tastes only orientate within strict and unnecessary boundaries. However, if you’re a fan of hip-hop and also like rock music, and totally hate everything that the likes of Fred Durst made millions off of doing in the late 90’s, this could be what you’re after. Listen out for the closing track, a humorous acoustic performance which brings their light hearted and comedic aspect of personality to classic rock. You can pick the CD up at their live shows.