El-P- Flyentology

February 25th, 2007

‘Flyentology’ is the lead single to be taken from the forthcoming album ‘I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead’, a project highly anticipated by El-P fans who remember how great ‘Fantastic Damage’ and numerous Def Jux production efforts have been. Featuring Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, it’s a typically great slice of production with multiple layers of industrial flavoured beats and patterns. Reznor’s vocals match the beat well and El’s rapping is of that familiar sarcastic but intense tone which fans have come to love. El-P’s time away in the lab seems to certainly have been worth it and if this is anything to go by, ‘I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead’ will create as much critical acclaim and hatred as his first solo outting did all those years ago.

10 Responses to “El-P- Flyentology”

  1. Mothomas Says:

    Amazing song, amazing record.

  2. J-II Says:

    check out the new flyentology video by dan G and NathanLove

  3. beetle byland Says:

    flyentology and track from def swim are dope keep em coming

  4. jaredactyl Says:

    shit is ill

  5. Spiral Says:


  6. amex2g3d Says:

    fuckin dope son

  7. sloth Says:

    didn’t know how this was going to pan out, but I’m fucking floored. trent needs to put out a collabo album. trent beats with elp and sole. wouldn’t the world want the love? build a tank…

  8. inter71 Says:

    No sign of a sophomore slump here.

  9. JeffArtist Says:

    ridiculoid. a logical collaboration and sonic step forward for the best producer on the mic. keep it industrial.

  10. Brent1200 Says:

    Uhh… sophomore slump? You usually get that on your 2nd album, not your 5th.