ED209- Stayexstatic

February 18th, 2007

After the atmospheric intro ‘Ave Atque Vale’, this new ED209 release kicks off proper with ‘Black Thorn Rose’ featuring the vocals of Manchester’s Konny Kon. Over a typically heavy, industrial flavoured beat of basic drums and dramatic sound effects, Kon drops solid rhymes which match the mood of the dark beat well.

Then it’s Cappo’s turn to demonstrate once more why he’s one of the UK’s greatest rap treasures. Every time he drops vocals he projects the sense that something historical is happening, first over the fast paced ‘Inside Your Mind’ and again over ‘The Magestic’, a rock vibe of electronic guitars and hard drums. If ever there was a UK talent which demands numerous rewinds, it’s this guy.

C-Mone’s the last artist to feature, throughout ‘The Great Godz’. This one’s got quite slow vocals and a sleepy, mysterious beat but which still has ED209’s quite distinguisable production style all over it. ‘Hail And Farewell’ rounds things off with an instrumental that shows off 209’s stock room of samples and head space of ideas. Out now, this kicks off 2007 in a very healthy way.

One Response to “ED209- Stayexstatic”

  1. 209 Says:

    Cheers Boss…well worth the wait! – you’re right…Cappo is a jewel in Nottingham’s Crown…thanks again though…I like the ‘sleepy, mysterious’ bit…ties in nicely with another comment that ‘it sounds like a memory’...

    Keep weaving wise words.