Farma G

February 17th, 2007

Farma G

As half of Taskforce, Farma G has been responsible for some of the best UK rap music the country’s ever heard. We caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to, and what projects are up next.

Hey Farma, how’s it going?

Wassup Tee… I’m all good thanks.

What material have you been working on, as Taskforce or by yourself?

Erm… I’m always working on something ‘cause it’s more my lifestyle than my living unfortunately so er… I been working on some straight up pop stuff… singing and a guitar, not like Plan B but more like Devandra Banheart or summat… along with that, just buggin’ the beats out… Jammin’ with little Remus and Ramson Badbones… Hooking up with some great female vocalists… Blah dee blah blah blah.

Is putting out material a bit quicker something you’d like to make happen a bit more?

Yeah, quicker’s good but really the problem myself and a mass of the artists have is financing their products. My links are so dry right now that you could cut yourself on ‘em… and to be honest my confidence in myself is kinda low right now and it all reflects back 2 you. Life is so fucking hard right now for me so dudes be asking me for beats for next to no pay, and I’m like ‘Shheeesshh… Is this what it has come to 4 me?’

What’s the main hold up in getting new music created and released to the masses?

Money innit. Dude, there is so many brilliant young talented people out here and there is nowhere for them to come through… A crying shame mate.

How does this problem compare to the state of play in the past?

Same as it’s always been… since after punk rock. Myspace is cool. The web and e-mail is cool… but where is all the money?

How do you feel the scene’s reacted to the most recent releases by you guys?

Erm… What was that? Er… Music From The Corner 4, yeah bruv. I don’t know. ‘Cause we don’t advertise, we don’t get any response from the bigger press peeps, so the feedback is what man’s and girl’s tell you face to face or Myspacing… but personally I think MFTC 1, 2, 3, 4 are some of the best hiphop this country has ever produced, full stop! And I’m only going on what everyone else is doing and done. I think we, Slippaz included, are the most slept on crew ever. Hahaha.

You’ve only recently appeared on Myspace. How do you find the whole online fan interaction thing?

I’m cool with it… It’s a bit addictive though so I’m just being cautious with it, but I’m meeting some fine people there, so I support that shit. Big up all the cyber world junkies!

Farma G

Looking back, what release are you most proud of and what tune do you wish you had done a little different?

Like I said, the Music From The Corner releases are the bomb. I don’t care about the tracks that might have been a bit dodgy or misguided ‘cause it’s only music innit… Heads get too serious sometimes… The worst tracks we ever did was collabo’s with other rappers. Not all of them.

Does it seem a bit weird seeing the likes of Plan B and Professor Green doing so well off UK hiphop?

Nah ‘course not. Maybe a few years ago I might have had some bullshit hang up or summat, but I know Green and I seen Plan B and I aint gonna get out my pram to derogatise their ish ‘cause they’re makin’ it happen… so why am I gonna act like a hater for? I’m in awe of these guys. We can learn from them as they have learned from us…

How do you feel about the more contemporary Grime stuff by guys like Jammer and Kano?

Love it! Ghetto is my favourite. Heavy spitter.

Have you ever been to a grime night? The energy is shitting on current day UK hiphop jams…

I aint you know, but to be honest I dropped out of the whole music, going out thing, for a year or so… I aint been on stage for a bit either.

Who are some of the aritsts and records which you’ve enjoyed the most over the last couple of years?

Hiphop wise I like Ramson Badbones, Papoose, Ghetto, erm, 50 and all them yank beefs… Just some straight shit… I don’t really go for the Necro, weirdo flow stuff… but I’m kinda boring.

Outside of rap, what music vibes are you picking up on and taking inspiration from?

Some electro punk. It’s coming… I dunno much about it but its UK UK all day. Folk music still hitting the spot for me and anything really. I sound boring as well. I like all this guitar music we got over here right now.

Do you think you’ll move into less rap orientated territory and make some non hiphop sounds?

Always have and always will.. Dude’s will here me and not realise they just heard Farms… Farma Karma Chameleon…

Tell us about setting up Farmyard Music and what you hope to do with this setup.

Bro’, it’s just three words at the moment… Hahaha… but when some cash runs I’m gonna just move innit… I’m doing ad music, pop music, electro and all the rest so I’m just shotting and plotting.

What pieces of equipment are you using to create tunes?

At the moment I’m using an Akai 1000, Korg Trinity, Korg MS2000B, Pro Tools, guitars, melodicas, mandolin, recorders and any other fucked up shit I can find to make noise with.

Are you much down with the computer software side of things?

A bit of both is good!

Farma G

If you had all the money in the world and could offer one UK artist (besides Taskforce) a huge contract, who’d it be and why?

Ramson Badbones ‘cause he needs the money but as well as that, he is my lyrical idol… He is amazing and I can’t listen to him too much ‘cause he hits the spot and it sometimes is too much for me to deal with, and he can be so funny as well. Kid’s a genius for sure, for sure. Kashmere… oh yeah. MCD. He’s the fucking king! From as long as he been rapping, he has been the king. Give him my money!

What can fans immediatly start looking forward to in terms of releases?

People should get ready for Remus mixtape this year. MFTC5, Chesta P solo album… and me and Lily Allen’s wedding some time next spring, and to end this off I would like to say thanks to you tee for putting these questions to me and hello to anybody who might be reading this. Respectacles and many God’s blessings… Farma G.

Check out Farma’s website at and pick up all past Taskforce releases now. Hit the man up if you need a beat and look out for the Chester P feature!

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