Evil ED- The Enthusiast

November 15th, 2004

Reviewing an album which features 20 odd rappers and a couple of DJ’s is a bit of a headache for the scribe. Especially when the time comes to pick out the moments that are most deserving of a mention in the write up, because in this case there’s nothing that isn’t anything besides quality.

After over two years in the making, producer Evil Ed finally delivers this 21 track compilation ‘The Enthusiast’ featuring a roll call of some of the finest names in UK hiphop including Yungun, Jehst, Ricochet, Doc Brown, Tommy Evans, Kyza and many many

The multitude of subject matters and vibes include the party antics of ‘Nico Suave’ by Yungun, the story telling of ‘A New Way of Thinking’ by Ricochet, the reminiscing of ‘Think Back’ by Doc Brown and the herbalized ‘Weed’ by Jehst and Asaviour. ‘Life’s A Struggle’ by Mic Assassin and Evans is a deep and uplifting tale of a young man using his pen and paper to deal with the situations he’s in.

Production approaches are diverse, with a mixture of styles from the trumpets based ‘Captains Of’ by Australian MC A-Love, to the slow tempo piano flavour of ‘Playin’ The Game’ by Asaviour and the busy ‘Raw Spuds’ featuring Probe Mantis and Junior Disprol, mixing things up with some fresh vocal approaches.

The track that might well get talked about the most however is ‘The Cavalry’ which features Tommy Evans, Ricochet, Yungun, Jibbarish, Doc Brown and Diablo, all in the space of five minutes. Each vocalist delivers the goods, fitting in well amongst one
another over a solid drum pattern and string sounds.

There’s no fillers what so ever on the album, with just three skits and an interlude. Ah Fly’s skit ‘Sweeney Todd’ is short and light hearted humour, ‘Alive’ features sampled film Dialogue and ‘Lesson’ is a brief loop of a female soul singer. These aren’t necessary, but do fit in nicely and offer a short little break in between the consistent, enjoyable and high standard collection of songs that this is.