Coopz- 22 Years Of Strife

November 15th, 2004

‘22 Years of Strife’ by Coopz is an impressive debut album with vocals of personality and skill on top of production which provides a variety of paces, sounds and intensities. The 22 track album (that includes some interludes) sounds solid and makes a change from the many promo CD’s I get sent which are very unimaginative and monotonous. What I like about the release, is that there are lively, energetic and entertaining beats which you’d expect to hear on the radio or MTV, but rather than the vocalist talking about bollocks, the lyrics are well written and executed. It’s a good combination of nice UK rapping over beats which don’t stick to a norm that a lot of other peoples outputs do. On UK UK featuring Sam Fury, Coopz provides lines about the interpretation of English folk made by the yanks using cultural references. On ‘Remember When’ which is of a quite computerized vibe, the artist looks back on days of old. If there were any criticisms to be made about this, they’d be that there might be a few too many tracks for a comfortable complete play of the CD. Also, although the production is refreshing and developed, it sounds like the same hardware or software has been used every time and by the end of the album the sounds are coming off as a bit same ol’ same ol’. The rappers voice/accent is easy to listen to, possessing a fair dose of personality. Had this been a second or third album I would have been quite impressed but the fact that this is number one leaves me not only impressed, but interested to see what’s next in terms of the artists development and future projects.

2 Responses to “Coopz- 22 Years Of Strife”

  1. Kibbler Says:

    Where can i get dis album from? Heard Fury’s debut, its a good review 4 dis 1 as well i see.


  2. Coopz Says:

    The album will be re-released in 2006. It’s been delayed due to legal problems. The re-released version will include original tracks, remixes and new material.