Klashnekoff & Joe Buhdha- My Life

January 13th, 2007

This is the first Joe Buhdha produced and Klashnekoff performed single to be taken from what’s probably the most highly anticipated UK hiphop project of all time, ‘Lionheart; Tussle With The Beast’, out on Lowlife Records / Riddim Killa this February.

‘My Life’ is of extremely high production values which Klash laces with his trademark style of introspective thoughts and society descriptions whilst the more synth driven ‘Two Guns Blazing’ is a much harder effort which Klash spends voicing aggressive verses. 45 guests and cow bells feature to create what’s likely to be an underground club banger.

Whilst both tracks are good and show strong promise for a really entertaining album, its slightly suprising that the lead single wasn’t in the same vain as Klash favourite ‘Murdah’. Whilst this release will make an impact of some degree, it’s likely to be more due to the rapper’s past successes than the actual music present. Else, it’s a victim to three years of Klashnekoff’s own high regard for this project and his audience’s painful thurst to hear fresh tunes which has left everyone with somewhat higher expectations than probably possible.