Roll Deep- Rules And Regulations

January 13th, 2007

A vast improvement on the major label debut ‘In At The Deep End’, this long awaited CD is simply one of the best pound for pound products that the Grime scene has generated, with strong beats from start to finish and a vast range of quality vocals and numerous guest appearances.

Handling the beats are Wiley, Target, Danny Weed and Chunky Bizzle whilst Wiley, Scratchy, Flowdan, Mega, and many more provide the bars. Jammer drops a couple of sick verses and Skepta announces himself as a long time but up to now pretty silent member of the family.

What’s great here is that all the songs are structured tightly and provide a range of different subjects, amongst typical Grime bravado. There’s tracks reflecting on the crew’s previous releases, the scene in general, ladies and rival crews. The thoughtful ‘Racist People’ is a particular highlight alongside the reflective and mature message driven ‘Badman’.

It’s really great to see a crew that has been around for a while, come back and deliver material of such quality. Here’s hoping that it’s not such a long wait before their next move and that they follow up with more of this same dedication, character and class.

4 Responses to “Roll Deep- Rules And Regulations”

  1. Justin Says:

    Pure Fire…. Bless

  2. Josh Says:

    When is this album released? I cant find any info on it anywhere..

  3. Crude Says:

    goin an find me a copy this evening


  4. Diesal Says:

    Albums Big
    Nuffin Long