Ying Yang Twins- Chemically Imbalanced

January 7th, 2007

Having never paid attention to the Ying Yang Twins before now, I can’t really comment on whether the involvement of Wyclef Jean on this project has helped them mature or not, but comparing what’s on this new album with what I expected the standard to be, it looks like some growth has taken place.

The production from the first to last track is solid, the tracklisting is structured well with a variety of subject choices and rhythms, the vocal execution is fairly diverse and there’s tunes which cater for both the dance floor, car and personal stereo. At points the energy levels don’t seem able to get any higher, whilst other moments show reflective artists behind the typically in your face antics. ‘Family’, ‘Friday’ and ‘Leave’ offer every day themes all can relate to whilst the earlier tracks ‘1st Booty On Duty’, ‘Jack It Up’ and ‘Jigglin’ provide mindless music perfect for a club full of coke heads on a Friday night.

It’s a pleasant suprise to see artists typically frowned upon by high brow music audiences, deliver something as solid as this, and whilst the Ying Yang Twins might never make a classic or even dominate the mainstream radio and TV airways beyond a one hit wonder single, this is evidence in their favour to suggest they deserve to be allowed in a studio to keep doing what they do.