Tommy Evans- New Year’s Revolution

October 31st, 2004

New Year’s Revolution is a very solid, entertaining and quality release full of party vibes, political and social commentary, emotional numbers and throughout it all, top notch production and vocals. Don’t be intimidated by the release’s artwork or title, there’s something here for folks of various inclinations, be it the angry ‘Revolutions’, the in-depth ‘Inferno’, the summery ‘Good Vibes’, the deep ‘Remain Forever’ or the lively ‘Move Now’ and ‘Another Hit’.

Perhaps the biggest stand out moment is ‘Jugganaught’ produced by LG which is very much a percussions driven beat that Tommy drops two impressive verses on which will cater fully to his fan base and quite possibly surprise and win over doubters, with extremely skillfull wordplay and delivery. Just as refreshing is the singing of D.Ablo on ‘Binyard 2 Vinyard’ which upped my faith in domestic singers and the various appearances of Nuwella. Her unique sound may well frighten at first, but on playback sounds better with each listen and stands evident that choruses by typical RnB bimbo’s are over.

This project could have turned out poor, with Evans calling in on his many associates to guest and concentrating on ego based battle numbers. Instead, appearances have been carefully planned to suit the entire outfit and subject matters are very diverse and thought provoking, ranging from detailed political analysis, to the passion much of us have for music, the bonds between loved ones and many other topics, which as a whole, see the artist walking the walk instead of talking the talk (although rapping is actually talking and there goes my statement). There’s balance, depth and class. The track arrangement provides for no moments of boredom and the content sets up for many fulfilling listens.

With production handled by the likes of Jehst, Mr Thing, LG, Cee Why, Evil Ed, Mark B, Appollo and the less familiar names (to me) of Tommy Koi and Bone Idol, it was always going to be tuff finding a weak moment. Easily the best YNR output to date. Go get it! PS. Track by track sleeve notes comments should be made mandatory for all artists, to keep us attention to detail geeks happy.

One Response to “Tommy Evans- New Year’s Revolution”

  1. kas Says:

    absolutely sick album, soo bugged hes retired, one of the most underated mcees of our time!