Pitbull- El Mariel

January 7th, 2007

Rough around the edges, ‘El Mariel’ by Pitbull provides some really enjoyable movements hiden within an extensive album of far too many tracks for a full beginning to end listen. The production and rapping is consistent throughout however, and there are several tracks which stand out as perfect for a crunk laced dancefloor. To boot, the album also hints at yet another hiphop genre offshoot – Conscious Crunk, notable through Pibull’s occasionally political and socially involved verses.

It’s good to see a variety of guest appearances, from Wyclef Jean to Fat Joe and ‘Bojangles Remix’ featuring Lil Jon is energetic insanity. The latino flavour to the otherwise cliche Crunk beats is a nice take on rap radio’s latest craze and the artists pride and passion for his Cuban roots is admirable. Out on TVT records, this is a must for any grills wearing, Lil Jon loving, Cuba travelling crunk head.