Redmaster- I’m Right, You’re Wrong

January 7th, 2007

Produced entirely by the consistently improving Beat Butcha, this is the debut offering from Redmaster, member of the Same Brain family alongside Vex the Luton Lunatic. It displays a strong passion for rap music with a good grasp of lyricism and a variety of well chosen beats.

‘So Long’ has a really classic UK hiphop feel to it similar to vintage Evil ED or Harry Love beats whilst ‘Beautiful Lust’ is on a funky tip and ‘Yall Raps Is Stink’ a flex of soul. ‘Hoes Love Red’ hears Redmaster running through a bunch of pretty cliche and cringe worthy ego tripped verses but ‘Living Legends’ highlights Red’s passion for rhyming through heavy verses and an atmospheric beat.

‘Rep The UK’ is flavoured with a really bouncy rhythm which Redmaster rides well with a flow which is really accessible to new listeners and which is of a high enough quality to stick with throughout the whole LP. The chanted hook adds to the head nodding factor of the tune and brings a little diversity to the album as a whole.

‘Fuck With Who?’ highlights an impressive grasp of different forms of vocal delivery whilst ‘The Truth’ and ‘Idolise Me’ conclude the album in admirable style, particularly the pitched up samples of the later which works really well with Red’s introspective dwellings and finishes off an album of really nice production which will do wonders for Butcha’s CV.