R2 Tha Beatz- All Inclusive Flag of Hiphop

October 7th, 2004

Highlights of ‘All Inclusive Flag of Hiphop’ produced by Birmingham’s R 2 tha Beatz are the fast pace remix of ‘What U Thinkin’ by Ras Supa, the guitar beat Gypso remix of ‘Estatez’ by S.K, the violins of ‘Mic Feen’ by Redbeard and the nice but way too long outro ‘Whatz My Name’. The lyrics and vocals of ‘M.I.A’ by Defisis featuring Xeno (the two make up the duo DFXO) are cool but by the end of the track the looped track tires considerably. On ‘Corporate Culture Catalyst’ by Defisis there’s a track title and subject matter which interests me and the vocals flow along well. The album as a whole is a good effort, but there’s something lacking, be it production which has some good intentions but not always the resources for ideas to be pulled off well, or the vocals which rarely seriously seek and capture my attention. I don’t want to be mean, but I wonder the state of some of the original songs that are remixed here, as remixes usually up the energy level of a piece of music, and there’s not much to want me to dust off my dancing shoes for here. Perhaps if the collection of tracks were shorter, making sure the faster tempo Ras Supa contributions made the final cut, the album would make for a more comfortable listen.