Ying Yang Twins- Dangerous

December 25th, 2006

Out on TVT Records, this is a new track by Ying Yang Twins produced and featuring Wyclef Jean. Called ‘Dangerous’, this is a solid track with strong production by Clef and his co-producer Jerry Duplessis, with a catchy hook and listenable verses. If you’re into the Twins, this’ll be down your street but the average Clef fan or hiphop head in general probably won’t dig it too much. Also, if you’re skooled on Michael Jackson, you’re not going to enjoy the blatant chorus rip off by the gloved one’s track of the same name. This is taken from the new album ‘Chemicall Imbalanced’ and drops on the 15h of January.

One Response to “Ying Yang Twins- Dangerous”

  1. hch Says:

    g8 song love it and they new stuff