Acarine- Call It On

September 28th, 2004

Acarine are the two man group on CNR Records comprised of Lusty and Brett who in the past year have featured in a forthcoming Elijah Woods film, performed at the Glastonbury and Glade festivals and worked on this fourteen track album titled ‘Call It On’.

The album sounds great. From the opening track ‘Murder Hymn’ which sounds as if it was Dr Dre produced to the pacey ‘Screw Your Head On’, the bouncy ‘Organ Donor’, the anthem esc ‘Stand Your Ground’, the atmospheric ‘Friends De-United’ and the heavy ‘Grumblebee’. As for the vocals and lyrics, they’re just as good. Each song provides for an interesting listen with a lot of playback value due to the diversity of approaches from aggressive to reflective attitudes and many topics.

A lot of the tracks have choruses which break the songs up nicely with quite catchy hooks, some of which are likely to get stuck in your head for quite a while after listening to and have the potential to make Acarine become a household name if the opportunity of radio airplay arises. This album has
appeal for your average hip-hop fan as well as those who dabble in a bit of harder or heavier nu-metal type sounds but let it be said that there’s far more talent and interest for music lovers to check out here than there is on the countless teen marketed likes of Crazy Town or Limp Bizkit.

Overall, the product is ambitious. There seems to have been no barriers put up by those involved which they confined themselves to stay within. It’s loud, individual and solid. Unlike a lot of UK hip-hop releases, its far from introspective and is easily approachable for listeners. It’s simple in terms
of you not having to have a degree in English Literature to follow the lyrics and wordplay yet is far from basic and contains a lot of impressive song ideas.

The close knit UK hip-hop scene should embrace this album for the merits which it possesses and overlook Acarines lack of ties with label and artist names which too many of the scenes occupants look too hard for too often.

5 Responses to “Acarine- Call It On”

  1. T-Love Says:

    Acarine Rule!

  2. Loose Says:

    where can i get it from?

  3. H@y3$ Says:

    anyone have acarine lyrics????

  4. nfb Says:

    if sum 1 as got Acarine – Stand your ground, can ya send it to mi plz @

  5. Jay Says:

    Stand Your Ground is on Limewire.