Sonny Jim- Standard Practice / Earn The Stripe

November 26th, 2006

Out on Salva’s ‘Last Minute Records’ label comes a 7” release produced by his continually impressive brother 184 and the very likeable rapper Sonny Jim. ‘Standard Practice’ is a chilled out offering which Sonny Jim laces with a really enjoyable flow and lyrics which keeps you listening to the end, whilst ‘Earn The Stripe’ continues as impressively, with another head nodding effort of tight beats and strong, entertaining vocals.

It’s hard to pin point what’s so good about Sonny. His lyrics aren’t the most groundbreaking and although very good, his flow isn’t the best hiphop has ever seen. But, there’s something in his conversational tone which mixed with well produced tracks, consistently creates something very nice on the ears. Here’s hoping there’s more of these short but very sweet vinyl outtings to come.

3 Responses to “Sonny Jim- Standard Practice / Earn The Stripe”

  1. chris l Says:

    good rapper
    could be better tho

  2. jay Says:

    yo sonny jim is big in the game, rapper is ill

  3. JayPae Says:

    earn the stripe is a banger.. shame bout it being on 7”