Panacea- Ink Is My Drink

November 19th, 2006

Panacea are a producer (K-Murdock) and emcee (Raw Poetic) duo and the first artists to be released on the newly re-launched Rawkus Records label, and as such, will face a more critical eye than most, due to the history of the legendary company. To be clear, they guys aren’t Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Hi Tek or Pharoahe Monch. Yet, the production is of a high quality and the vocals are consistently enjoyable.

Put simply though, the problem lies in this type of hiphop. Released in Rawkus’ hayday, there’d be a lot more energy on the actual material as well as within the potential fanbase, but in an industry climate where majors are now backing the likes of credible artists of an underground nature like Lupe Fiasco and Papoose, the stakes are higher and it takes a lot more to make an impact. For Rawkus to regain the strong interest that worldwide hiphop communities once held for it, and for them to generate such classic artists and records as they once did, they need to stay clear of this respectable, yet very arty and low key slant of rap.

One Response to “Panacea- Ink Is My Drink”

  1. monsterislandczar Says:

    I’m really not sure what your point is here – Rawkus should be supporting “underground” artists like Lupe Fiasco and Papoose because those are the only “real hip-hop” artists the majors will support ??!

    Personally I think this is a superb album – I agree that if these guys were around 10 years ago then people would be hailing them as greats – even 5 years ago Little Brother were able to garner a LOT of acclaim with a similar approach, but in this download age, agreed it will always be difficult for records such as this to achieve commercial success, which is besides the point really.

    The same could be said for a lot of recent artists though – Cunninglinguists, Cymarshall Law etc. fwiw this is FAR superior to Blue Scholar imho !