Karl Hinds- Have Patience

September 6th, 2004

‘Have Patience’ by Karl Hinds is a collection of enjoyable tracks providing a broad range of subject matters. There’s lots of stuff to get your teeth into. For instance, there’s tracks ranging from narratives about the UK hip-hop scene, women, hip-hop beef and much more. At first the listener could find the beats a little too synthesized but that’s soon forgotten because they’re far from un-listenable and possess many head nodding moments. Stand out tracks are ‘Psycho Analysis’ where the rapper puts forward his take on the current state of rap music in England, ‘Lets Av It’ which features Skinnyman on a track using a very enjoyable organ and ‘Lord Of Da Blings’ featuring Seanie T and Roots Manuva which is fairly slow tempo and chilled yet still provides some interesting words to think about. The best part of the release is simply its artists voice and manor of rapping. Not once do the vocals seem detached from the words they are projecting or the beat they’re executed on. Hinds evidently has a lot of stuff to get off his chest and has found a suitable medium to do that with. Fifthteen tracks long, including a few interludes, the total running time clocks up at around 52 minutes, but not once did I find a fastforward moment or something to get bored about. If you want something that says something and is solid, you couldn’t go wrong picking this up.