Release Dates, 2005/2006

January 1st, 2006


‘LP’ refers to full length albums in general and includes CD format.
‘EP’ refers to an EP length project on no specific format.
‘TBC’ implies strong hear’say and no official confirmation.
‘Untitled’ means the project is confirmed but not named yet.
DL refers to internet only singles, available to buy online.


Dropping Early
Moorish Delta 7- Life In The Ctiy LP
Deadline- The Life & Times of Joey Public
Redbeart – The Bearded Wonda LP
Msi & Asylum- TBC LP
Ralph Rip Shit- The Best Name 12” (Associated Minds)
Mudmowth – Breaking Blocks In Legoland LP (Associated Minds)
Willow The Wisp – Untitled (Associated Minds)
P.L.O- Untitled 12” (Associated Minds)
Yungun- Jackin’ For Breaks/Games We Play/Dancin’ Shoes 12” (White label)
Various- UK Runnings Volume 4 Mix CD (Wolftown Recordings)
Lazy Habits- Untitled EP
Lazy Habits- Untitled Mix CD
Kyza- Untitled Mix CD
Kyza- Fight Club 12”
Wordsmith- Untitled LP
DPF- Untitled Mix CD
Evil Ed & Probe Mantis- Untitled 7” (HID Productions)
Evil Ed- Untitled EP (Skullsnap Records)
Evil Ed & K-Delight- Live From The Hollywood Bowl Mix CD (HID Productions)
C-Mone- The Butterfly Effect (Son Records)
Poisonous Poets- LethaL Dosage Mix CD
Reveal- Untitled EP
Stylah- Crash Course Mix CD

7th. Beefeaterz- Badge of Honour LP
10th. Smokey- Road Zomies 7” (Bare Records)
15th. Fatclub- Destroy All Heroes/Steve Gough: Still Startin’ Shit 2xLP
16th. Taskforce- Music From The Corner Vol.4
21st. Part 2- One Of Dem Days DL
21st. Lotek HiFi- Move Your Thing DL
30th. Excalibah- UK Dubstates Mix CD (Scenario Records/Dat Sounds)
Harry Love & Verb T- Delusion/Make It Hott/Hypnotizm 12” (Silent Sounds)
Clarity- Way Of The Dragon 12” (SFDB Records)
Antourage (Yogi, Shade One, Rukus)- Ants Dem Swarm LP

Yungun & Mr Thing- Grown Man Business EP (Silent Soundz)
Blade- Guerilla Tactics LP (691 Influential)
Lazy Habits- Memory Banks 7”
Thre- Brace Your Self EP (Undali)
VEX/Wytfang- Sex Tape 7” (Filthy Habits)
Louis Slippers/Rawdog- Bareback Instrumentals LP (Rawdog Productions)
Life- Realities Of Life LP (Zebra Traffic)

6th. Kids in Tracksuits- Get Your Kit On 7” (Dealmaker)
13th. Roots Manuva- Alternately Deep LP (Big Dada Recordings)
20th. Ghost- Seldom Seen Often Heard LP (Music For Heads)
27th. Asaviour- The Borrowed Ladder LP (Lowlife Records)
Karizma- I am Karizma 12” (Dealmaker)
Blaktrix & Rola- What Shall Be EP (Rustik Records)
Harry Love & Verb T- Bring It Back (To The Basics) (Silent Sounds)
Hoods Undergournd- TBC LP (Trackshicker Records)
Crown Of Flames- TBC EP (Bare Records)
Baron Samedi- The Formula 12” (Main Rock Records)
Blunted Needlez- Sharpest Tool in the Box LP (Undali)
Grandaddy I.U- TBC 7” (Filthy Habits)
Inja- Scars EP
Kyza- TBC LP
Nomadic Poet- Concrete Man 12” (Red Sea Entertainment)

Baron Samedi- Ripping Yarns LP (Main Rock Records)
C.O.L.D – Brainstorming 12” (Dealmaker)
Departure Lounge- Untitled LP (Dealmaker)
Skrein- TBC LP
Grimlok- Untitled Mix CD
Lewis Parker- International Heat 12” (World Of Dusty Vinyl)
Sir Smurf Little- My Alpha LP (YNR Productions)

Kids in Tracksuits- Untitled 10” EP (Dealmaker)
The Phobia- Arkum Asylum LP (Bare Records)
Prophetix/Wytfang- Untitled LP (Domination Recordings)
R.A the Ruggedman- Brawl 7” (Filthy Habits)
Kashmere- Playing With Fire LP (Receptor Records)
Inja & DJ Nappa- Wide Open

Baby J- And Friends 7” (Filthy Habits)

Eibol- Place to Be 7” (Filthy Habits)
DJ MK- Untitled LP

iCon the Mic King- TBC 7” (Filthy Habits)
Conspicuous & Evil Ed- The Get Togehter (HID Productions)
Genesis Ellijah- Murder City Mix CD

Smokey- Words From The Missing LP (Bare Records)
Skreintax- TBC LP (Dented Records)

2nd. Braintax- Run The Yards / Last Tenner 12” (Lowlife Records)
23rd. Braintax- Panorama LP (Lowlife Records)
Genesis Ellijah- Gangstivist Mix CD

K-the-I???- Untitled 7” (Filthy Habits)

Dropping Later
Beat Butcha & Chemo- Untitled LP
Nomadic Poet- The Travellers Take LP (Red Sea Entertainment)
Skuff- The End Of The World News
Mystro- Untitled LP (Lowlife Records)
Kashmere The Iguana Man- The Demon Slayer LP (Receptor)
Yungun- Full debut album TBC
Apocraphe and DJ Dise – Prison Earth LP (Main Rock Records)
Evil ED- The Tournament 3 EP (HID Productions)
MF Doom- Untitled 10” (Filthy Habits)
Verb T and The Last Skeptik- Broken Window LP (Silent Soundz)
Laurissa- Untitled LP

2005 Schedule Achieve

9th. The Herbaliser- Generals (Ninja Tune)
9th. Various- The Dugout Compilation (Zebra Traffic)
30th. One Self- Bluebird/The Labour 12” (Ninja Tune)
The Breaknecks- Music For Bachelors (Associated Minds)
Ghost- Let Em Know EP (Breakin Bread)June
Evil ED & K-Delight- Live At Ceasars Palace Mix CD (Hid Productions)
Sway- Up Your Speed single (Dycypha Alliance/All City)
Alex Blood- Derby Mix CD (Mixed by Hudson)
6th. The Herbaliser- Take London (Ninja Tune)
13th. Headcase Ladz- Get A Life LP (Zebra Traffic)
20th. One Self- Children of Possibility LP (Big Dada)
30th. AfroSaxon- You’ll Never Know 12” (Rush Hour Distribution)

2nd. Genesis Elijah- Deh Pon Road (Brave Music)
11th. Lazy Habits- Fallen/Lazy 7” (RnJ Records)
30th. Mister Jaes- Driver Feat. PAC and Dandy (Cafe Recordings)

Public Enemy- New Whirl Odor LP (Slam Jamz)
9th. Public Enemy- Rebirth Of A Nation LP (Slam Jamz)

5th. Conspicuous The Coroner- Backgammon LP (Ottomanelfmusic)
12th. Lotek Hifi- Mixed Blessings LP (Big Dada)
Public Enemy- Power To The People And The Beats (Slam Jamz)

1st. DJ Rocc- Capital Dope
10th. DJ Skully & Klashnekoff- Focus Mode Mix CD (Reprezent)
17th. Lowkey- Key To The Game Vol.3 Mix CD (Sorecs)
24th. Asaviour- The Borrowed Ladder LP (Lowlife Records)
24th. Various- Life Before 40 LP (Lowlife Records)
24th. Baby Blue- Out Of The Blue Vol.2 Mix CD

7th. Dirty Diggers- Freakishly Strong LP (Zebra Traffic)
7th. Jehst- Nuke Proof Suit LP (White Label)

1st. Blaktrix- Trust EP (Dial Up Records)
Baron Samedi- Untitled Mix CD (Main Rock Records)