Sir Smurf Lil’- Myalpha

November 10th, 2006

At long last the highly anticipated to slightly forgotten debut album by The Colony member Sir Smurf Lil’ has dropped via Jehst’s YNR Productions. Offering tons to think about with the lyrics and loads to nod the head at on the beats side of things, it’s a really strong album with many memorable playback demanding moments.

Besides a beat each by LG and Apa-Tight, all the production here is handled by Jehst, who is now established as a talented beat maker as much as he’s considered a sick rapper. The musical vibes are all strong, ranging from jazzy to straight gutter atmospheres, with a noticable old skool to 90’s choice of drums throughout most tunes.

On the lyrical side of things, you’ve got typical straight up rap verses to those with a more personal and socially aware lean. ‘Blood On A Chef’s Apron’ see’s Smurf cooking it up in the kitchen whilst the piano based ‘Travellin’ Thru Sound’ explores the art of rhyme. Things get deep on the horn fueled ‘Prison Song’ and ‘Outside’ provides one of UK hiphop’s most energetic and addictive tracks for some time.

Considering this is a debut album, it’s very entertaining, consistent and impressive stuff. Smurf’s rhyme books are varied and portray a personality of diverse leans. Jehst’s beats are great on the ear from start to finish and compliment Smurf’s refreshing voice/accent remarkably. A contender for album of the year, this is one you don’t wanna sleep on.