Fat Club- Venomus Tongues

October 4th, 2004

The cover art and group name alone set the listener up nicely for a little giggle, but once the play button is pressed, it’s non stop entertainment from then on. What we have here, is a collection of some great beats, some to nod ya head to and some to get funky on the dance floor with, alongside vocals which are nice on the ear and which execute some sharp lyricism. There’s some great one liners popping up quite frequently, in amongst other solid examples of wordplay such as “50 Cent aint worth what ten pence is”. Of course the project couldn’t have been complete without the inclusion of the relevant sampling of the ‘Fight Club’ movie which humorously replaces ‘Fight’ with ‘Fat’ on every mention. If you’re that little bit bored of the many UK rappers who go over kill with the broad range of vocabulary and confusing metaphors you have to listen to for a week to fully understand, you’ll find this more than a breath of fresh air. Perhaps a track all about food wouldn’t have done the album any harm seeing as its a topic most artists who tackle it seem to do so well at or maybe that would have just been too predictable. Either way, check it out. The Bristol accents are a nice change from the London twang, the beats are varied and the words attention grabbing.