October 26th, 2006


Continuing our adventures into the world of Dubstep, Rapnews sent over questions to DJ and producer N-Type, to find out what he’s released, projects on their way and the scene.

What’s up man, how’s it going?

Cool man. I can’t believe how much the Dubstep scene is blowing up at the moment.

First up, what does the N stand for and where in the UK are you from?

I’m from a town just off the M25 (junction 7) called Reigate in Surrey, but I’m always traveling about all over the shop. Loads of my mates are from Croydon because of growing up around the Big Apple record shop, so people assume I’m from there.

The N in my name means ‘new’ for several reasons… It’s my initial for one! People at school used to call me by my surname (that I’m gonna let you guess ‘cause I don’t wanna go tellin’ everyone. You can work it out anyway) which sounds badly like New-type. People used to say ‘Rar, you always cutting dubs!’ and “Fuck me, you got all the newest shit!” People used to call me N, so the name just stuck.

How long have you been producing music and what can people unaware of you expect from your releases.

I been producing for 2 years now. I have always seen myself as a DJ but I like to make a few tunes. I got lucky wid my chunes. Every tune I have ever made except for my first tune (that was mental) have been signed and are awaiting releases on labels such as Dubpolice (N-Type, ‘Way Of The Dub EP’, out in stores now’), Southside Dubstars (‘Square Off’ out now worldwide, and new EP comin soon), Tempa (‘Tempa Allstars’ EP out this week featuring ‘Tolerance Dub’ by N-Type), my label Terrain (next release out this week, the ‘Rise’ EP featuring Omen and Skream) plus there are loads of other labels that want tunes off me right now but nothing on paper yet.

With my music I take influence from everything I like the sound of. Doesnt matter what genre! But I don’t try to be anyone, I’m just doin’ things I wanna hear! My style of Dubstep has a big jungle influence as I used to be a Jungle DJ back in the day. I get a lot of inspiration from different music rather than other Dubstep producers although I have learnt a lot from Benga, Hatcha, Skream, Coki, Loefah, Ironsoul. They have definatly pushed me forward!

I know it’s really hard, but have a go at giving us a definition of Dubstep for us.

It’s all about the production! It has to be on point! Big weighty B-lines that rumble your soul! but in a warm good vibes kinda way! Really catchy melodies built from perfect instruments and abstract sounds! Beats with space and depth! On some people’s mix downs you can almost ski between each sound! It has big Reggea and Dub influence but different people have different takes on the sound! Influences can come from Jungle/DnB, Electro, Techno, Metal. They are just a few I have heard people mention.

Would it be safe to say the sound is a more instrumental focused version of Grime music?

No! Grime is an MC focused sound! Dubstep is different to Grime! Some people may have got influences from the sound but the vibe, level of production and raves are completly different! The only thing that is similar is the speed!

But you do get Dubstep with MCs over the top right? Or is that then considered grime?

Yeah you do, and I would like to encourage more MCs into the Dubstep scene, but only if they fully understand what the vibe is about and come with an original approach to it! I like loads of MCs and I like working with them! But I definatly think there is a way to spit on Dubstep. People to look at would be Crazy D, Poax, Newham Generals and the Slaughter Mob boys! It is a different kinda vibe of spitting! Good vibes!

Also, at Grime raves the emphasis of a rewind on a tune is if an MC does a big lyric, which is fair enough, but if there are a few MCs, that can happen a million times on one track! In Dubstep, rewinds are pulled up on the biggest tunes only and only a few times! That is how it used to be in the Jungle/DnB days when I used to go raving! Dat’s how I like it anyways.


What records have you put out so far and what sort of equipment are you using to produce?

Ok, I’m old skool! I need to get some new shit! I use Reason 2.5 on a G4. I had 3 releases. One with Southside Dubstars, one with Dubpolice, one with Tempa, as I mentioned earlier, and I put out some of Sno’s tunes on my own label last year. The next release should be out next week. Also, I have releases awaiting on both Dubpolice and Southside Dubstars and I’m in talks with other labels right now!

Computers are used a lot for grime production. Is Dubstep more of a hardware or software generated thing?

As long as you get the right sound out of whatever you are using, you will be fine! Hardware or software!

Are you firmly set in the Dubstep genre or do you create music in other areas too?

I’ve done a bit of Grime and started doing some Drum n Bass. I’m so busy all the time though. I tend to focus on Dubstep mainly.

I saw that you were touring Europe this summer. How has the Dubstep sound been received outside of the UK?

They love it man! So many people are like, ‘Wow! This is amazing!’. I had people saying that the sound has changed their lives! Haha! Rejouvenated them! Given them hope in underground music! It’s nuts! Im just chilled and go with the flow but I do find it all exciting as this is just something I have always done since I was young!

In the past few years the UK seems to have been extremely progressive in new music. Why are we so good?

‘Cause we are cool!

What do you think is the next big thing to blow up?

My computer ‘cause it is old and shit and I need a G5! Bad! (From this interview going to press I actually have one now and it’s heavy, but it’s an intel model and not a lot works yet. Shank my growler!).

Who are some of your favourite producers at the minute and what’s the best track you’ve heard this year?

My favorite chune? Shit, this is hard. Probably ‘Torture’ by Coki! Producers I’ve been feeling are Benga, Skream, Coki, Loefah, Mala, Hatcha, Walsh, Ironsoul, Distance, The Others, Caspa, Skuba, Omen, Distinction, Rusko, EL B, Ghost Cru. Big up my Big Apple family! Some other up and comin bad boys are Droid, Tes La Rok (Finland), 2000F (Denmark).

Why did you decide to launch Terrain Records and what artists/releases are you pushing through there?

I wanted to support the music I was playing in da raves, big up new artists and do something I have always wanted to do.

Give us some gossip on some of the forthcoming projects.

Ok, next release on Terrain is the ‘Rise’ remix LP featuring the original and my remix and a dubplate remix by Skream! Then there is one of my mixes featured on ‘Rinse Sessions’ Vol 2, ‘Dubstep Allstars’ Vol 5 which I’m really looking forward to! Plus, I’m working on doin’ a new label with a new vocalist to the scene. Watch this space!


What time’s your Rinse FM radio show and what can people tuning in their dials expect from your sets?

Lock in to the Sunday Sensimilla Show every Sunday, 11 to 1AM Rinse FM Sunday Sensi! Oh Betty! I’m deya lean as a custard cream.

What club nights/venues are we most likely to see you at and what goes down at a typical N Type set?

I’m a resident at FWD>> which is at Plastic People, 147 Curtain RD, Shoreditch, EC2. Come check that. It is sick! Nuff said! Plus, see me on rotation at DMZ! Also, I’m currently playing at venues all over the country and the world so keep an eye out!

Check my Myspace for details. Myspace.com/djntype . My sets are always hype! I try to mix tight and quick and drop tunes in a way to evoke hyper emotions in the crowd! I drop a whole selection of brand spanking dubplates, anthems and quality productions to get your chest rattling!

Am I right in saying the FWD night at Plastic People is the home or heart of the Dubstep movement?

It’s legendary now! Soulja and the FWD>> management are dons! They have created something amazing and I love it!

Like DnB, is this sound mainly club focused or do you reckon people can sit at home with it over a cup of tea?

There are so many different styles of Dubstep. Chilled for cotching at home with a zoot, to dubbed out Reggea vibes to party to! Dark deep growling bass tracks, skippy beats, slow half step beats, 4×4 beats, dub shuffles! Too much to talk about! Basically, something’s there for everyone!

Are there any websites or Myspace pages that people should be checking to keep up with you and the scene in general?

Too many to list… www.dubstepforum.com and www.myspace.com/djntype

Have you got any shout out’s or plugs you’d like to make to round this up on?

Big up my Big Apple records family! Large up all the Rinse FM family! Large up FWD>> and DMZ crew! Hang tight Kiss 100FM and Hatcha + Crazy D making big moves and helping us all out! Big up Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1. She is a legend. She has worked so hard to push the sound and is a diamond!

Big up Plastician. pushing Dubstep to the Grime crew as well on Radio One! Big up all my close friends in the scene that I haven’t mentioned! You know who you are! Big up Leah and my bro’ too. If he breaks my new G5 wid sum dodgy virus from looking at porn and playin’ online poker all day, I will Gorrilla press him out my bedroom window! Peace, I’m out!