Skuff- Aversion Therapy

August 27th, 2004

Delegates of Culture presents ‘Aversion Therapy’ by Skuff is a collection of four interesting tracks providing a range of vocal and production approaches. The man himself, alongside Bee 109 handle all of the beats, which at times provide extremely enjoyable moments. On one side is ‘Rap Cliche’ and ‘(I Don’t) Like This’. The first has a faced paced and addictive hook and consists of a perhaps autobiographical narrative about one persons development as an artist over a cool piano loop. The second has a fairly long and slightly slow intro which builds the suspense of the rappers entrance. The lyrics are charged with opinion and executed with a very passionate manor. ‘Don’t like wasting paper, space for my ink’ one of many lines that I particularly enjoyed. On the flipside are the tracks ‘Be Safe’ and ‘Music Box Zero 3’ featuring S Class. The first includes the use of the trumpet which sounds awesome and conversational verses which tell a captivating story you don’t once tire of following. The rapping is once again passionate and locks down the listeners attention firmly. The following track starts with clips of live performances over a chilled beat. The vocals are confident and entertaining. ‘I don’t brag I’m the best so there’s nothing for rappers to test’ a stand out line for me.

One Response to “Skuff- Aversion Therapy”

  1. Amf Says:

    Still sounds fresh today. First got into skuff when i heard Smoke Ink Ills…. and picked up every delegates thing i could after that.

    Skuff’s album is out now and seriously good. Tracks like I, Migrant , Reprocussion and in particular Raise.