Blunted Needles- Sharpest Tool In The Box

October 21st, 2006

Rhyming review, now that’s impressive;

There I was thinking that Underground Alliance was basically no more, when this little beauty came through the door. Featuring Plan B, Foreign Beggars, Skinnyman and more, this is quite simply UK hiphop galore.

There’s a big variety of strong, dope tracks, packed with light hearted humour to intelligent facts. The scratching, mixing and production is hot. Thinking about buying it? Hell, why not?

‘Original’ reignites hopes of a new Skinny LP, whilst on ‘Heat’ Mystro proves he’s one tight as hell MC. Taskforce return with the sick ‘Catchphrase Game’. A wealth of younger MC’s prove they’re not tame.

Dubbledge, Skreintax, Prem C and Stig Of Dump to Thre, Graziella, Supa Nova and Doobie. That’s easily a line up well worth your pennies. If you disagree, perhaps you should sue me.

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